Extreme Niche Empires by Sean Donahoe

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Extreme Niche Empires by Sean Donahoe

Extreme Niche Empires by Sean Donahoe
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As we mentiioned in the video, Extreme Niche Empires is the culmination of over 5 years worth of niche marketing and a powerful training course for showing people just how to dominate any niche they want to go after with high authority, high ranking and highly profitable websites that pretty much run themselves.

We have focused on refining this strategy down to the simplest and most powerful way for your customers to get started with a REAL online business that they can turn into an online empire. We not only give them the tools they need but teach them step by step how to implement these strategies so we give them a solid foundation for their future online careers as online entrepreneurs.

We focus on quality, high power strategies that are proven to work and work very well. We have many students already making 10,000 15,000+ every single month and we hope to help your subscribers achieve the same results.

Module 1 What You Are Going To Learn
Module 2 Foundation For Success
Module 3 Power Niche Research
Module 4 The Cash Core
Module 5 Domains and Hosting for your Empire
Module 6 Installing and Optimizing Your Site
Module 7 The Authority Content
Module 8 Setting Up The Cash Fountains
Module 9 Auto Traffic Siphon
Module 10 Automated Content Feeding
Module 11 Boosting Your Authority Content
Module 12 Finalization and Launch
Module 13 Growing Your Empire
Module 14 Bonus Flipping The Flops
Module 15 Final Thoughts

Advanced 1 Advanced Strategies and Tactics
Advanced 2 Advanced Toolbox For Success
Advanced 3 PowerPinger Bonus Plugin
Advanced 4 Management Of Your Empire
Advanced 5 Outsourcing Your Empire
Advanced 6 Advanced SEO Empire style

Bonus Extreme Niche Empire Plugin Pack
IMSC Feeder
IMSC Heatmap Theme
some .EDU backlinks package

Module 1 Introduction This is a simple introduction that lays down the foundation. He does a very good job explaining exactly what you can achieve from this course.

Module 2 Foundation For Success This is something that is not reviewed in any other course. He helps you set up your base foundation for a business, not just a website. When I was done watching this video I decided to apply for an LLC Business.

Module 3 Power Niche Research Ok in this module, same kind of idea weve been present for finding niches. However, the keyword research module was unbelievable. Forget about using Market Samurai, Nicro Niche Finder, or any of those other tools. He will teach you things about the Google Keyword tool that you did not even know existed. I found somewhere around 20 keywords in about a half hours time using this method.

Module 4 The Cash Core This is a module that was very necessary for the course, but most of the things he mentions in this course and experienced marketer will already know about. He covers Adsese, Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction. However, there was one source he mentioned in here, that I had never came across, and all I can say is that one resource was pure GOLD.

Module 5 Domains and Hosting Again this is necessary to have a complete course. In the video you are going to hear about the most popular domain registars and hosting companies. Without mentioning names Im sure you know which ones Im talking about. I will tell you, even though I thought I knew everything there was to know, he does something with the set up of your domains and websites, that forced me to set up about 200 of my websites in a different manner. This one tactic right here, will make your life easier in the long run.

Module 6 Installing And Optimizing your Site All I can say is WOW. This is what your paying for right here! He will show you how to tweak your wordpress site, like nobody else has even done. He not only shows you which plugins you need, you actually watch over his shoulder as he sets up the plugins one by one. Ill give you a pointer, if your using the plugin AllInOne Seo, your really going to dig this module, cause hes got an alternative to that plugin, that will skyrocket your SEO.

Module 7 Authority Content This is the meat and potatoes. This guy is real smart. He knows what Google wants to see, and what it takes to rank well. Once again, this is something that is often overlooked in most courses in the IM market. Ive got this on autopilot, using outsource tactics he shows you in the advanced series.

Module 8 Cash Fountains So in this module he gives you a new spin on actually setting up Adsense. Ive neve actually seen adsense set up to look as though its part of the navigation of the site. What if I told you hes got another trick that takes your clickbank links and makes it also look like Adsense. He also, shows you how to set up Amzaon widgets and carousels. Never before have I seen so much monetization on blog. Here is the really cool thing, youre probably familiar with the infamous heatmap theme? That theme costs about 70, Well he is giving you a copy of this theme that he had created especially for this course.

Module 9 Auto Traffic Siphons Not only does he show you how to set up the foundation, and customize your settings and plugins. He then goes into advanced tactics for RSS Feeds, Twitter integration, Pinging, and other tactics to increase your traffic. There was one tactic in particular that really caught my attention, it has to do with RSS feeds, and using another service, definitely something I had never came across before.

Module 10 Auto Content Feeding THIS IS THE COOLEST PART! This is where I think this guy has lost his marbles. Your first going to learn how to set up that foundation of your business. Next your going to learn what it takes to make your site an Authority site in Googles eyes, now hes going to show you how to keep feeding the site with autocontent, which is building up your traffic, you ranking, and ultimately your income without having to do any work. This guy actually made an auto content plugin that he is including in the course for free. You have nothing to buy, hes providing the templates, plugins, and blueprints for you at no extra cost.

Module 11 Boosting your Authority Content So now that were rocking and rolling and our original content is in place, are autocontent is feeding daily, its time to Boost our authority in the Eyes of Google. You will learn about advanced Backlinking tactics that will give you the extra boost that you need to ultimately make you a lot of money.

Module 12 Finalization and Launch Youre getting to the point, where your work is done. There a few little tweaks you need to do to the widgets area, and the footer. This is very important to build up your credibility to Google. When I saw this module, I was forced to revamp about 200 of my sites once again.

Module 13 Growing Your Empire The purpose of this module is simple. Now that youve gone through all the work and perfected your template, you just need to clone it and build up your empire. He actually teaches you how to do this, with minimal hassle. To be honest I learned this in a different course on cloning, but that one course alone cost me about 97, hes including the same information.

Ok, so there you go. That is the base product of Extreme Niche Empires, a review of somebody that has actually completed the entire course, and is implementing every strategy he mentions.

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Extreme Niche Empires by Sean Donahoe
NEW TORRENT DOWNLOAD (free download for not premium member)
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