Alice: Madness Returns + 2 DLC (2011/PC/MULTI2) RePack by a1chem1st

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Alice: Madness Returns + 2 DLC (2011/PC/MULTI2) RePack by a1chem1st
Alice: Madness Returns + 2 DLC (2011/PC/MULTI2) RePack by a1chem1st
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Spicy Horse Games | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 2011 | 4.42 GB
Genre: Arcade (Platform) / 3D / 3rd Person

Eleven years ago, Alices parents were killed in a fire, and she received severe burns. Relentless flames scorched not only the childs body, but her mind. The girl was in a psychiatric hospital. Theres a long time she struggled with her demons, getting the upper hand, escaping into a world of their own fantasies - Wonderland. Ten years of treatment were not in vain - Alisa was discharged from hospital in good condition ...

Alice: Madness Returns + 2 DLC (2011/PC/MULTI2) RePack by a1chem1st

Alice: Madness Returns + 2 DLC (2011/PC/MULTI2) RePack by a1chem1st

Now she lives in London, it constantly monitors the psychiatrist. However, the consequences of severe trauma are still being felt: creepy hallucinations continue to haunt Alice, intruding into reality. To get rid of nightmares, poor attempts to understand the cause of their suffering. But the reason girls are tormented, she is unable to cope with fear and nervous tension caused by strange memories, dreams and visions. After moving to London obsession, which became more vivid and frightening, even more insistently pursuing Alice.

- Old friends in a new guise. Traveling through a gloomy, desolate wonderland, you will meet familiar characters that have been transformed beyond recognition - the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar and Chervonnaya Queen.
- All curiouser and curiouser. Explosive kettle-gun, homicidal hobby and became a classic strizhayuschy sword - the heroine at the disposal of a large arsenal of extravagant weapons that can be improved.
- All chudesatee and chudesatee. Alice In Wonderland will find a very unusual ability: able to float in the air due to the wide hem of her dress, fall, or, conversely, grow to the sky to crush opponents, leaving them only a wet spot.
- Use your loaf. In this dangerous and strange journey you will encounter a variety of puzzles in sharpness. You will have to overcome obstacles with unusual ways to remember the melody, solve chess puzzles and draw pictures of the fragments.

System requirements:
[*] Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
[*] Processor: Intel Core2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2 (or equivalent) with 1.6 GHz or higher
[*] RAM: 2 GB
[*] Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600/ATI Radeon X1650 with 256 MB or more
[*] Sound Card: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
[*] Free hard drive space: 7 GB
[*] Turn off anti-virus software during installation.

Q: The restriction of 30 feet per second, how to fix?
A: Open the Documents, etc. My Games \ Alice Madness Returns \ AliceGame \ Config. Open the file Alice Engine.ini. We are looking for a string bSmoothFrameRate = True. Change True to False. Save and enjoy 60 FPS.

Q: Problems with key management umbrella.
A: 1. Pass on the way: the game folder -> AliceGame -> Config and open the file DefaultInput.ini
2. Find the line + Bindings = (Name = "E", Command = "TriggerBlock true | OnRelease TriggerBlock false") and change the E to the key to which you want to manage an umbrella and I wanted to key G can manage an umbrella on a prescribed + Bindings = (Name = "G", Command = "TriggerBlock true | OnRelease TriggerBlock false")
3. Save and close the file DefaultInput.ini
4. Start the game, go to control settings and reset the control to default (default)
5. Since it is now the default management umbrella is key, we have registered - to reset to default settings allow to use this key in the game. You can then change the other control settings according to your preferences.

Q: How to deal with frequent hang of the game.
A: Documents \ My Games \ Alice Madness Returns \ AliceGame \ Config \ AliceEngine.ini
Alice Madness Returns \ Game \ Alice2 \ Engine \ Config \ BaseEngine.ini file.
We are looking for a string PoolSize = 140 and change on PoolSize = 320.

Q: Problems with non-working right-click in the giant state and in the mini game with the ship.
A: 1) go to "... the game folder \ Alice. Madness Returns \ AliceGame \ Config"
2) open a notepad file "DefaultInput"
3) we find in it the line ". Bindings = (Name =" XboxTypeS_B ", Command ="
4) after "=" in quotation marks listed functions assigned to the button "B", we find the function "GiantStompOnButtonB" and remove it (ie erase the text)
5) save the file after changes
6) run the game, go to control settings and reset them to the "default" (do not forget to save them after a reset, ie press the CONFIRM)
7) Thats it! by pressing the right mouse button and the boat drops bombs Alice stomping her foot.

Weapons Of Madness
* Pepper Grinder - Also called Octo-grinder, a gun increases the limit on ammunition and doubles their number.
* Hobby Horse - Recovers Alice with every blow inflicted on the enemy.
* Teapot Cannon - This weapon increases the damage dealt to enemies by 50%.
* Vorpal Blade - Reduces the damage, which is applied to Alice enemies by 50%.

Dresses Pack
* Flesh Dress - Dress The Fleshmaiden can cause hysteria at any time.
* Matt Hatter Dress - Dress The Hattress allows damage inflicted by the enemies of Alice to lose teeth, but not health.
* Chess - Dress The Checkmate can inflict double damage to enemies all the weapons.
* Rabbit Dress - Dress The Late but Lucky Dress replenishing health with the help of Alice Shrinking Violets.
* Cheshire Dress - Dress The Cheshire blocks all Rose Drops from enemies.
* Caterpillar Dress - Dress The Caterpillar keeps Shrink Sonar on.

Features RePack:
- Remove all languages ​​except English / no recoded.
- Added text crack version 0.9 of ZoG Forum Team. Translated the entire text.
(If you have text displayed instead of some "boxes", then you need to remove the attribute "read only" file with the ?Documents / My Games / Alice Madness Returns / AliceGame / Config / AliceEngine.ini?.)
- Decompression resources was made.
- Installation time 15 minutes.
- RePack by a1chem1st


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