Calvin Woon - IM Riches Mastery

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Calvin Woon - IM Riches Mastery

Calvin Woon IM Riches Mastery
26 videos (MP4) + 20 slide sets (PDF), bonuses (website, PSD, AVIs, MP4s, MP3s) | 961.36 MB
Genre: Net Marketing

This is a GIANT video training course that contains over 17 training videos and 6 case study videos.

Youll discover the various strategies on how you can create a HUGE income promoting the TOP affiliate products in the Internet marketing niche.

At the same time, youll also learn how to become a product creator YOURSELF and recruit a TON of motivated affiliates to promote your products for you while you earn a passive income on complete autopilot!

Module 1 IM Riches Foundation Mastery

Video 1: Why Sell To The IM Niche

Why most gurus are LYING to you when they tell you not to enter the IM niche & why it is in FACT the MOST PROFITABLE niche to sell to
Ill show you why IM product buyers are your BEST customers which will buy and buy and buy!
Why having multiple sub niches provides a HUGE GOLDMINE for you to profit from!

Video 2 Truths You Need to Know About The IM Niche

Why you shouldnt promote overhyped rubbish launches as this could actually harm your reputation!
Why having a high quality product is NOT EVERYTHING
What you MUST DO if you wish to excel in this industry that is VERY competitive but with still a LOT of money to be made!
Important lessons weve learnt over the years which will benefit you for YEARS TO COME!

Video 3 ? Overview of Possible IM Niches You Could Market To

Why you should take advantage of new niches in the IM niche which spring up all the time!
Discover over 15 EVERGEEN IM Niches which always have high demand for all kinds of products
The HOTTEST TRENDS which are thriving in the IM Industry which you can enter RIGHT NOW and bank in on the uprise!

Module 2 Super Affiliate Mastery

Video 1 ? Affiliate Marketing Basics

Pros and cons of being an affiliate (We answer your question of Why you should promote other peoples products!)
What is the one CRUCIAL element which will help you convince your prospects to buy from your link instead of your competitors!
Why mastering the art of pre selling will actually boost your affiliate earnings tremendously!

Video 2 ? Affiliate Program Evaluation Checklist

Use our personal 9 part evaluation checklist to quickly assess the quality of EVERY single affiliate product youre going to promote
Why conversions is NOT everything and why you should love upsells instead of loathe it!
Discover the ONE criteria that will magically PREDICT how much money youll make even before you promote the product!

Video 3 ? The Best Affiliate Program Marketplaces EVERY Affiliate Should Know

Hidden goldmines you never knew where you can find a ton of HIGH CONVERTING affiliate programs which pays out INSTANT COMMISSIONS!
Gain access to our personally recommended online marketplaces which have tons of products for you to promote!
Why Clickbank shouldnt be the first marketplace you check out ever again when you are searching for products to promote

Video 4 ? Effective List Building Essentials

Why you should start building a list even if you just wish to remain as an affiliate
Why you shouldnt send your traffic directly to the merchant site (If you do so, its as though you are throwing cash down the chute!)
The ONE BIG mistake you MUST avoid when it comes to building a list (ignore this and it can cause you to lose your entire subscribers list OVERNIGHT!)

Video 5 ? Rapid List Building Strategies to
Explode Your Subscribers List INSTANTLY!

Discover proven strategies that we personally use to build a HUGE list of over 100K subscribers (this will help you build a list in the SHORTEST time POSSIBLE!)
Learn how to leverage on OTHER marketers and their lists to explode your list size OVERNIGHT!

Video 6 ? Creating An Effective Pre sell Page

How pre selling will help your prospects make up their mind to buy through your link even BEFORE you send them to the merchants sales page!
What you should include in your presell page (that will entice your web visitor to listen to you and buy through your link at your COMMAND!)

Video 7 ? Crafting the Perfect Bonus Package to Triple Your Conversions!

Why buyers are becoming smarter today and how an EXPLOSIVE bonus package will triple your conversions
Bonus suggestions which will make your package TOTALLY irresistible to your subscribers!
Learn the ONE secret technique that has been proven effective time and time again in generating TONS of affiliate sales for us!

Video 8 ? Dominating Product Launches & Affiliate Sniper Tactics!

How Participating in JV contests will catapult you to SUPERSTAR STATUS and earn you lucrative JV deals that will benefit you for YEARS to come!
Conversion boosting tactics we PERSONALLY USE that sends your affiliate sales skyrocketing and DOMINATE AFFILIATE CONTESTS like CRAZY!!
Breakdown of the affiliate launch schedule that gives you an eagle eye of what happens during a launch!

Bonus Case Study Video 1: How One Accidental Affiliate Promo
Earned Us A LIFELONG Friend And Permanent TOP JV Partner!

In this video, I show you how I connected with one of the top internet marketers back in 2008 and developed such a STRONG relationship with him, that hes now consistently one of my TOP JV PARTNERS!
You get to go into my email archives and have a sneak peek at the emails I send out which have helped me build friendships with my potential JV partners. Youll be surprised at how simple it is to make a lasting impression!

Bonus Case Study Video 2: How We Raked In Over 10K
In 7 Days With Just ONE Affiliate Promo!

In this video, watch me dissect a very recent affiliate promotion I did and how I snagged TOP SPOT in the JV contest, walking away over 10K in commmissions and contest prizes
I reveal specifically how I used PLR products to craft the BEST bonus package that is available and made over 100+ affiliate sales in just 7 days!
We even reveal the same bonus video page that we use so you can model it for your OWN affiliate promotions in future!

Bonus Case Study Video 3: How I Leveraged On A 7 Figure Marketer To
Co Create A PLR Product With Me For FREE & Banked In Over 10K!

Discover how I manage to convince a 7 figure marketer to co create a PLR product together with me and how I used that as a bonus for my affiliate promotion!
Also learn how I out performed a TON of other marketers with list sizes several times of mine and raking in over 10K in commissions and contest prizes!

Module 3 Product Creation Mastery

Video 1 ? 3 Steps To Becoming An Instant Expert In 72 Hours In Any IM Niche!

Even if youre a newbie, you can catapult yourself to expert status in any IM niche and know more than 95 of your peers following these 3 simple steps! (its so dead simple but VERY effective!)
Why you should NOT launch a product before you execute these three simple steps!

Video 2 ? Ways to Package & Value Add To Your Product!

We reveal over 11 ways which you can present your offer and how to BOOST the value and charge higher prices!
After you watch this video, youll no longer be stuck with creating just boring ebooks!

Video 3 ? Rapid Product Creation Strategies

How to create totally original products without SWEAT! A complete, no brainer strategy for generating quality products anytime you want.
An incredible method REVEALED that you SHOULD know for churning out quality products LIKE CRAZY!

Video 4 How to Get Your Sales Copy Done & Graphics Created!

A simple 12 step sales letter template that will help you churn out high converting sales copies effortlessly!
The BEST place to source for affordable & quality service providers for all your copywriting & graphics design needs

Video 5 ? How to Collect Payments & Setup Your Sales Funnel!

Why it doesnt matter even if you LOSE money on the front end as long as you have a proper sales funnel in place!
5 simple strategies that will SKYROCKET your earnings EVERYTIME you launch a product (ignore these and youre simply leaving money on the table!)

Video 6 ? How to Setup An Affiliate Program That AUTOMATICALLY
Attracts Affiliates to Promote For YOU!

Why you NEED to setup an affiliate program if you truly want to attain FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
The BEST marketplaces you should host your affiliate program at
Learn little known strategies that will make your affiliate program stand out from among the rest and make your affiliates promote hard for you!
Techniques that you never thought of that will get even the BIG GUNS in to promote for you.

Video 7 ? How to Get Your First Sale By Running A Warrior Special Offer
& Rake In 5 Figures From JUST ONE WSO!

Why I almost gave up completely on running WSOs until ONE single discovery resulted in me banking in over 81,943.45 in around 4 months just from running WSOs!
The two secret weapons that can catapult your WSO to HUGE raging successes
10 RED HOT WSO sales boosting techniques
How to literally create your own WSO of The Day paychecks on demand!

Video 8 ? How to Recruit JVs and Affiliates to Promote Your Product!

3 SECRET techniques that will make your JV invite stand out and make it simply too hard to refuse!
What is the EASIEST way to attract the attention of BIG markerters and get them to eventually promote YOUR product!
How to have a huge pool of INSTANT AFFILIATES on demand every time you want to launch a product!

Video 9 ? How to Pull Off A HIGHLY Successful Product
Launch & Rake In 5 or 6 Figures In 7 Days!

Utilize an AMAZING secret you should apply that will result in conversions SKYROCKETING beyond the roof!
How to keep your affiliates motivated throughout the entire launch and keep emailing & emailing for YOU!
Why you should NOT act like your launch is a smashing success when it isnt!

Bonus Case Study Video 1: Anatomy Of A Highly Successful 100 Instant Commissions Product Launch Where We Sold Over 2,000+ Copies In Just A few Months!

I explain the specific JV contest you should run during your launch so that EVERYONE is motivated to promote hard for you!
I also reveal the exact emails I sent to motivate our affiliates during the launch and how you can swipe them for your own launch!

Bonus Case Study Video 2: How We Courted & Finally Managed to Get
Two BIG JVs to Promote One Of Our Previous Launches!

Watch as I reveal the exact emails I sent to finally convince two TOP marketers to promote one of my previous launches
Youll also learn what are the crucial elements of making a JV offer IRRESISTIBLE and attract hoardes of other affiliates to promote your product

Bonus Case Study Video 3: Our BIGGEST PLR Launch Ever Which Brought
In Over 80K++ In Sales In Under 7 Days!

In this video, youll learn how I did a PLR launch which was priced at 397 and banked in close to 80K in sales in under 7 days
The next time youre about to launch your own product, you might want to revise your strategy after watching this video!

5 Reasons Why This IM Niche Training
Course Is The BEST Youll EVER Find!

Reason 1: This is a MASSIVE training course containing over 17 training videos and over 6 case study videos so this is NOT just theory! These are tried and proven methods and we literally open up our business so YOU can learn and benefit greatly from it!

Reason 2: Most courses simply teach you general information on how to profit by selling online. We cover BOTH aspects on you can profit wildly from the IM niche from being an affiliate AND also a product creator. So your income potential is increased EXPONENTIALLY.

Reason 3: We have FULL PROOF to back up our income claims and youre not learning from someone who only had 1 or 2 lucky successes with selling to the IM niche. Im talking about a CONSISTENT income of 30K 50K EVERY single month and making well OVER 1,000,000 from selling to the IM niche and were the REAL DEAL.

Reason 4: Were including several bonuses which makes this a complete no brainer.

Reason 5: Youre backed with a no nonsense LIFETIME money back guarantee. (See below!)

If You Act Fast, You Can Lay Your Hands On The
Following Fast Action Bonuses!

Bonus 1: Simple Clickbank Videos (47 Value!)

If you act TODAY, you also get an additional 32 part training video series called Simple CB Videos which walks you through the entire process of setting up your product on Clickbank, how to get it approved and everything else you need to know about selling on Clickbank!

Bonus 2: PDF Versions of The Powerpoint Slides
For All The Training Videos!

This is meant for those who dont wish to wade through the entire video to get the full picture. These will go hand in hand with your training videos as you can use it for reference while you watch the videos
Wish to refer to a certain resource or tip we mention in the videos? Simply refer to the PDF file for the video and you dont have to watch the entire video again!
You should even print these PDFs out and take down notes on them while you watch and learn!

Bonus 3: Copywriting Blueprint Videos (47 Value!)

This 6 part Copywriting Blueprint videos plus eBook will give you an in depth look at how copywriters use the power of words to invoke powerful emotion driven responses that will drive your conversion rates through the roof!

Whether you are interested in becoming a high paid copywriter yourself, or you simply want to learn the insider secrets to crafting the highest quality sales page copy possible, the Copywriters Blueprint is a complete guide to mastering the most important element to on and offline business!

Calvin Woon - IM Riches Mastery


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