Ana Brett & Ravi Singh - Kundalini Yoga: 14 DVD to 2 DVD

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Ana Brett & Ravi Singh - Kundalini Yoga: 14 DVD to 2 DVD

Ana Brett & Ravi Singh - Kundalini Yoga: 14 DVD to 2 DVD
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Description : "I want to tell you about the practice of Kundalini yoga, to which western man has gained access recently, less than 40 years ago.
Books on the philosophy of Kundalini yoga came to us a long time, and practice itself remained under a strict secret, it is not taught openly, even in India, the master gave the teachings elected. All that came to a wider audience - this is hearsay and pugalki (quite natural aura of any secrets).
The Western world has had the opportunity to practice Kundalini yoga master from India by Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, dared to teach openly, so even outside India. He began to teach in Canada and America in 1969. Now centers of Kundalini Yoga Yogi Bhajan schools are in 40 countries.
Yogi Bhajan began teaching in the west, to get acquainted with the hippie movement, which tried to reach the experience of advanced states of consciousness using drugs, and fell into a chemical dependency and dying from it. He gave them a practice that allows experience the expansion of consciousness, maintaining health and the adequacy of the social environment. Many of those ex-hippies now become the founders of yoga schools all over the world, they are free from drugs, have families and teach health and inspiration for many people. Their disks with mantras (spiritual verses set to music with special rhythmic pattern) are very popular.

In Russia, a school of Kundalini yoga opened the Jacob Marshak in 1991. Now in Moscow are several points where you can practice Kundalini yoga with different teachers, choose a convenient day and time.
So what is this practice that was going to school?
Elements of practice - it is meditation and mantras, dynamic and static exercises, breathing techniques and relaxation. In Kundalini Yoga, these elements are woven into a thin and precise technology and are used in each lesson.
The basis of practice laid kriya - a sequence of dynamic, static exercises and relaxation, aimed at achieving a particular effect (eg, Kriya facilitates the passage of energy along the spine or Kriya for the release of accumulated pain.)
Each class begins with the singing of initiating a mantra, which is through the vibration of the upper sky activates the pituitary gland, which improves sensitivity, improve concentration on internal signals and sensations, and in addition makes exercise more comfortable, because increases the number of endorphins (pleasure hormones). Then, pranayama, warm up the spine, stretching herself and most of Kriya relaxation. Depending on which one set of exercises, meditation or relaxation precede or be done after. Completed the final lesson by singing the mantra.
What gives?
This allows you to experience the subtlest states, to touch the Infinite in himself, to open new spaces for contact with the outside world and with itself.
In addition, the technology of Kundalini Yoga allows you to better understand their feelings and thoughts. In practice, the more pronounced the ability to monitor its internal and external reality, to be honest with yourself.
In addition to classes and lessons at home practicing at some point met with yogic numerology, healing arts and improving practice through teaching.
Kundalini yoga as a spiritual path - is the practice of "householder" and not sanyasina, ie it involves our life in society, and is not directed away from the world. Those who practice Kundalini yoga uses a life in peace "as a reflection of his spiritual journey - how he became tougher as far as his relationships with others are in harmony, how he keeps the peace and tranquility in the soul in different situations. It is not easy and requires to use the resources of religious knowledge, philosophy and psychology, especially here in the west, where it is difficult to find the true spiritual guide.
At the core discipline of the way - Sadhana - rise before dawn and meditation that allows the use of time when the energy channels of the most pure, and can recognize the experience of subtle energy is infinite. "Once we create a subtle sensitivity, we will experience a sense of finality in, and with it a feeling of complete satisfaction ... We will become more calm, content, satisfied and sincere. We will no longer need to seek support and encouragement in the external world because we will be energetically self-sufficient, sunk deep into his Ya "

From the book "Yoga of Awareness" (Almanac "Kundalini Yoga School of Yogi Bhajan)

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Ana Brett & Ravi Singh - Kundalini Yoga: 14 DVD to 2 DVD
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